Steps To Take If Your Cat Eats Something Toxic

If your cat happens to ingest a known poisonous substance, such as a chemical agent or a harmful plant, you need to take fast action. A trip to a veterinary hospital is necessary to receive prompt treatment. Here are steps to take immediately after you discover your cat has eaten a toxin.

Contact The Hospital Immediately

It is best to alert your local vet hospital about the incident as soon as it is discovered. Calling to let them know about the situation allows the veterinarian to know to be ready for your pet's arrival. You will likely receive instructions over the phone regarding steps to take to help your pet have a better chance of a successful recovery. Let the vet know the specifics regarding the poisonous substance your cat had eaten over the phone. Some toxins require you to try to get your cat to vomit, while others are better left in place as they can cause harm to your pet's throat during vomiting. If the toxin was a chemical and you have the packaging on hand, read the list of ingredients to the veterinarian so they can prompt you on whether you should get your cat to vomit — and how.

Drive Your Pet To Receive Assistance

Bring someone along for the ride to the veterinary hospital if possible. This way, they can tend to your cat during the ride, helping to calm them down with a soothing voice as you concentrate on the road. Do not allow your pet to eat or drink during this time as this can cause a reaction to occur with the toxic material in their system. Give your partner the phone number for the veterinary hospital so they can call during the ride if your cat shows additional symptoms.

Be Aware Of The Process

When you arrive at the animal hospital, workers will tend to your cat right away. They will most likely need to pump your cat's stomach to completely remove the toxin from their body. This will generally require them to give your cat anesthesia. You will need to wait outside of the surgery department during this process. If the toxin can be removed via vomiting, your cat will be given medication to expel the material in their body under the watch of the veterinarian. Your pet will likely need to be monitored for several hours after the treatment is given to ensure all of the poison has been successfully removed.