4 Reasons You'll Fall In Love With English Goldendoodles

You've probably heard of the goldendoodle — it's a hybrid dog breed that is a cross between a golden retriever and a poodle. But have you heard of the English goldendoodle? It's very similar — a cross between an English golden retriever, specifically, and a poodle. English goldendoodles are lovely dogs, and when you meet one, you're bound to fall in love. Here's why.

They're affectionate.

If you are looking for a dog that really loves you unconditionally, this is it. They get this personality from the golden retriever side, with English golden retrievers being particularly cuddly and sweet. A goldendoodle is the kind of dog that will curl up next to you as you watch TV, snuggle with you when you're feeling down, and stick by your side throughout the day as you go about your business. 

They are kind to strangers.

As much as these dogs really bond with their owners, they are not fierce, protective, or guard-dog-like. If that's what you need, you're better off with a doberman or a rottweiler! A goldendoodle thinks everyone is its friend. You don't have to worry or closely supervise your dog if you have friends over, and you don't need to worry if you bring the dog to a public space like the pet store or a dog park. While it's not impossible for a goldendoodle to bite or act aggressively, it's pretty unheard of.

They're happy as only dogs.

Some dogs really need another dog to keep them occupied, but not English goldendoodles. They are so close with their human companions that they don't need other dogs in their life. Of course, if you do decide you want a second dog, they will typically get along with it well as long as it is not an aggressive breed.

They do not shed.

If you don't want a house full of hair, this is the dog for you. They inherit their hair from the poodle side, so they have long hair rather than shedding fur. Many people with dog allergies can live peacefully with English goldendoodles, although they do still have dander that can cause some allergy symptoms if you don't keep up with brushing and washing the dog regularly. Luckily, their coats are easy to brush, and the dogs enjoy the attention they get during brushing so it tends to be pretty simple.

To learn more about the English goldendoodle, reach out to a breeder. Once you meet one of these puppies, you'll have a hard time not taking them home.