Tips To Help You Prepare To Bring Home Your New Cockapoo Puppy

When you plan to adopt and bring home a new Cockapoo puppy, you need to prepare for and plan to keep them safe in your home as they grow and develop. In addition to buying them an appropriately sized crate to accommodate them as they grow, a puppy bed, food, and food and water dishes, here are some recommendations to help you prepare yourself and your home for a new Cockapoo puppy.

Provide a Healthy Social Atmosphere 

A Cockapoo is a breed of dog that is intelligent, friendly, playful, and people-friendly. For this reason you will need to plan for regular play time with your new puppy and also the opportunities for your puppy to be around people for most of the day. 

It is not a good idea to keep your puppy isolated for any long periods of time. So, if you have to leave your puppy to go to work each day, you might want to consider hiring a puppy sitter for your Cockapoo to keep them socialized. 

Plan For Play

Your puppy will also be full of energy and ready to play with and explore as much as possible. Remove from the floor any items you don't want ruined from a teething puppy who will chew on them. This includes any items lying around, such as shoes, belts, electrical cords, tasseled rugs, and children's toys. 

Select a few dog-friendly toys from a local pet store. Be sure to include some raw hide bones appropriate for the size of your puppy: the smaller your puppy, the smaller the bones should be for chewing activities. Also look for rubber balls and other dog-approved toys that squeak and keep your new puppy interested. You can also buy toys that you can fill with puppy treats to help provide them with a challenge.

Make a Safe Home

The safety of your new puppy is another priority that you need to make sure your home is ready for. This may require you to view your home with a different perspective. 

Look at your home to find any dangers that could await your new puppy. For example, anything that is on the floor or floor-level that could be dangerous to your puppy, you should lock up and put away on a higher level. This can include, for example, a container of laundry soap or other cleaning supplies. Puppies like to chew on items, and if they are able to chew on the outside of a container of cleaning solution and release the liquid inside, it has the potential to poison them.