Keys To Making It Through A Veterinary Internship

An important stage of becoming a veterinarian is going through an internship. This allows you to learn practical skills that you'll take with you into your veterinary career. If you want to get through this type of program, remember this key advice: Go in with a Love for Animals You are going to have to overcome some challenges in this internship, whether it's getting used to giving medication to pets or seeing animals in a vulnerable position.

When Do Respiratory Symptoms Warrant A Prompt Trip To The Vet Hospital?

If your cat or dog is displaying respiratory symptoms like sneezing or occasional coughing, you can often call the vet and make an appointment for a few days in the future. But sometimes, respiratory symptoms are more serious and do require more urgent care at a vet hospital or veterinary emergency center. So what are the signs that your dog or cat can't wait? Take a look. Coughing Up Blood