Adopting A Bernese Mountain Dog

When you are wanting to add a dog to your household, there are many different breeds that you will be able to choose. For those that are wanting a larger dog, Bernese mountain dogs can be a popular choice due to their temperament.

Buy Your Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy From A Reputable Breeder

The provider that you use for buying your puppy will be an important factor. In particular, you will want to choose a reputable and established breeder. This is necessary as these services can take steps to avoid the risk of genetic or other developmental issues occurring with the new puppy. Those that buy from an established breeder can have more confidence in the health of the puppy that they buy. In fact, many of these services may provide a genetic history of the dog, which can be useful for monitoring for an increased likelihood of serious issues developing.

Understand The Exercise Requirements Of Bernese Mountain Dogs

A critical factor that you should weigh when choosing a dog will be the amount of exercise that it needs. When it comes to Bernese mountain dogs, moderate amounts of exercise will be needed. While these dogs are not overly active, they will require daily exercise. This can help to keep the dog physically fit, and it can improve the behavior of the dog by eliminating excess or nervous energy. If you will need to take your dog to a park or dog park to get exercise, it can be important to socialize the dog as early as possible so that it will be more comfortable around other dogs and people.

Take Active Steps To Keep Your Dog Cool During The Summer Months

Bernese mountain dogs will have extremely thick fur coats, and this can lead to them becoming extremely hot during the summer months. Unfortunately, there is a risk of these dogs becoming overheated. This could potentially lead to significant medical problems for the dog. During the warm summer months, proactive steps have to be taken to keep these dogs comfortable. At a minimum, this should involve keeping these dogs indoors during the hotter times of the day and making sure that they have ample water. Another common step can be having the dog's fur shaved at the start of the summer. This can allow them to more effectively cool themselves during the hottest times of the year. While this may temporarily alter the look of your dog, it can be a small inconvenience for keeping them safe during the hot months.

For more information about Bernese mountain dog puppies, contact a local breeder.