3 Pivotal Tips When Buying A Puppy For The First Time

One of the most joyous moments in anyone's life is taking home a puppy. They're so full of love and give you the chance to create long-lasting memories. If you want to ensure this selection works out in your favor, remember these tips. 

Decide On a Breed

Probably the most important decision you'll need to make when getting a puppy is picking a breed. There are a lot of great options, but you need to look for something that's easy to train and bond with. 

Some breeds that fit these descriptions can include golden retrievers, pugs, collies, labs, poodles, beagles, and bulldogs. All of these aforementioned breeds are extremely affectionate. Even more importantly, they don't really have a lot of aggressive behavior. Just make sure you put in time to train them, so that their behavior doesn't cause a lot of problems in the future. 

Carefully Assess Health

Once you've decided on a specific dog breed, now is the time to focus on health. You'll need to carefully examine the puppy in person to make sure their health is perfect. Set aside at least an hour of time to see the puppy interact.

You want them to be very social and not hesitant of strangers. The puppy should also be full of energy. You'll want to pick the puppy up too and examine it closely, looking to make sure it has no open cuts or foggy eyes. Finally, ask the seller or breeder what shots they've had. It's important that they're vaccinated quickly to prevent disease and sickness from spreading. 

Prepare Your Home

Now that you've taken care of the exciting parts of getting a puppy, you'll need to focus on the less glamorous aspect. That is prepping your home for this new family member. Puppies love to chew on anything they can find, so you'll need to do a full inspection of the house to make sure nothing is on the floors.

This includes putting up blankets, clothes, wires, and appliances. Put plenty of toys on the ground so that the puppy naturally chews on these objects. You'll also need to designate an area for food, water, and their crate. Establishing routines early on is key for making the puppy feel safe and secure.

There's nothing like bringing home a puppy to the family for the first time. To ensure this dream stays pleasant for years, take your time preparing for this dog purchase. Know what you want and take the right precautions early on so your purchase of an American Golden Retriever puppie for sale, or another breed of dog, will be a pleasant experience.