How To Groom Your Bengal Cat

All cats make excellent companions. If you're looking for a striking cat whose looks are reminiscent of wildcats, look no further than the Bengal cat. Bengal cats are actually descended from Asian leopard cats, and this heritage gives them their distinctive good looks. Bengal cats are purebreds who require proper grooming to look their best. Here are four tips to help you groom this particular breed of cat:

1. Use your hands to remove loose fur.

Bengal cats are short-haired cats, which means they won't shed excessively. However, as with any cat, they will experience some shedding. Some loose hair may get caught in their coats, causing their coats to look messy and unkempt. While petting your Bengal cat, run your hands through their fur to collect any loose hairs. This will also prevent your cat from ingesting their loose fur and developing hairballs. If you have a hard time collecting loose fur from your cat's coat, starting with slightly damp hands can help.

2. Bathe your cat every two weeks.

Cats are excellent at keeping themselves clean; they use their tongues to wash every inch of their fur. However, even cats sometimes need a little extra help in the grooming department. Keep your Bengal cat smelling fresh by giving them a bath every two weeks. More frequent bathing can cause their skin to dry out and become flaky, so take care not to wash them excessively. Start giving your Bengal cat a bath when they are a kitten, so that they become accustomed to the water and handling.

3. Clean your cat's ears.

Your cat's ears can collect dead skin and sebum in their folds. Left unchecked, this could lead to an ear infection. Help your cat by cleaning their ears every time you give them a bath. Use a vet-approved ear cleaning solution to carefully wipe out inside of their ears. Be careful not to press too hard and avoid touching the inner ear canal.

4. Thoroughly dry your cat.

After you give your Bengal cat a bath, carefully towel dry their fur. Damp fur can make your cat sick. If you live in a cold or humid climate where it will take your cat's fur a long time to dry, you can blow dry your cat with the heat on the lowest setting.

Bengal cats are smart, energetic, and highly personable. A good breeder can make sure you end up with the Bengal cat that perfectly suits your family. If you're willing to take good care of this cat, it can be a beautiful companion to you for many years. Follow these grooming tips to keep your cat healthy and happy.

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