How To Make Your Pet's Vaccination Appointment Easier

Pets can get sick just like humans can. In order to protect your pet from various diseases, you should make a point to get them vaccinated. Many vaccines should be administered when your pet is young; your vet can tell you the ideal age for this particular procedure. Other vaccines need to be administered annually in order to provide continued protection. If your pet gets nervous at the vet, here are four tips you can use to make their vaccination appointment easier.

1. Get your pet used to their crate.

Pets are smart, and if there's a particular sequence of events that happens every time they go to the vet, they will recognize it. If your pet only gets in their carrying crate to go to the vet's office, the sight of the crate will make them nervous. Soothe your pet's crate-related anxiety by leaving the crate out at all times. Leave the door open, put a comfortable blanket inside, and drop a few treats in the crate. Your pet will begin to hang out in their carrier, and this ease will help both of you the next time it's time for a vaccination appointment.

2. Bring your pet's favorite toy.

Distractions can lower your pet's anxiety by giving them something else to focus on. If your pet often becomes anxious at the vet's office, try bringing their favorite toy. Your pet can quietly chew on their toy while the veterinarian administers their shots. Soft toys are usually superior for this purpose, since they are calming and carry the scents of home well.

3. Don't rile your pet up.

Pets often reflect the mood and energy level of their owners. If you're worried about your pet having a bad experience at the vet, your pet will pick up on that and become more anxious themselves. Calm yourself and project an air of cool confidence. This will allow your pet to relax as the vet gets ready to give them their vaccines. You can interact with your pet by stroking them gently and speaking in soft, soothing tones.

4. Allow your pet to rest when they get home.

After your pet receives a vaccination, they may feel tired. When you get home, allow your pet to relax somewhere comfortable and quiet. Your pet's skin may be tender at the injection site for the rest of the day, so handle them gently if you need to pick them up.

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