Mmmm! Beef! It's What's For Dinner!

Black Angus beef is considered one of the highest quality meats money can buy. It is definitely more costly than standard beef cattle, but there are some very good reasons why. There is also plenty of money to be made in raising Black Angus cattle for human consumption. However, you do have to know a few things when you want to raise these animals for food. 

Learn the Restrictions, Standards, and Government Regulations Forwards and Backwards

Black Angus is prized for how it perfectly blends and marbles the right amount of fat with actual meat. It is highly regulated and the standards set by the FDA push ranchers of this beef cow to the limits to get the best meat possible. This means that the animals have to be fed the perfect balance of foods, be limited in terms of antibiotics, restricted from growth hormones, and not spend too much time running or moving about, which tends to make the meat tougher. If you are going to raise a herd of Black Angus, you need to learn and know the restrictions, standards, and government regulations forwards and backwards. 

Three Grades of Meat

In addition to learning the restrictions, standards, and government regulations, you have to familiarize yourself with the three grades of meat. Prime is the highest quality possible, and if you can breed and raise enough cattle that are prime beef, you can make thousands of dollars back on your investment. If you raise choice meat, you can still make a very decent profit, but not as much as you would if you could raise an entire herd of prime beef. Finally, you will make a little money, but definitely not as much as you might hope for, when you raise a herd of select Black Angus. Of course, the biggest difficulty you will encounter trying to raise a straight herd of any one grade is that not every calf born is going to meet the prime or choice criteria. Still, you will make far more money on your beef than any other farmer or rancher of any other breed of cattle. 

Consider Selling Calves That Do Not Stand up to the Standards

You can post Black Angus cattle for sale on the agricultural market. Calves may be sold to dairy farms, or as pets when they do not meet the meat standards. If you embark on this beef-for-dinner adventure, consider all of your money-making options in this business so that you do not lose money if and when some of the herd is less desirable. 

For more information, you can contact a Black Angus cattle farm such as GDA Farms.