3 Things You Should Have When Bringing Your New Yorkie Pup Home

Now that you're planning to bring a new Yorkie puppy into your household, it's time to start buying stuff like toys in preparation for their arrival. Here are three things you should have when it comes time to bring your new Yorkie pup home:

A Training Video

To make sure that your new Yorkie puppy grows up happy and well-disciplined, you and your family should start training it as soon as you bring it home. Investing in a training video that shows you how to get your pup to sit, stay, and come on command will keep you on track and give you the knowledge and tools you need to properly train your pup as it ages. Your kids can even get involved by following the steps on the video and become expert trainers themselves by the time your new puppy grows up.

Yorkshire terriers are easy to train, but they have strong personalities, so a quick training session once or twice a week likely won't produce the discipline results that you're looking for. Playing your training video once a day and mimicking the commands you learn will help keep you on track and maximize the amount of training your dog ends up getting overall as they age.

A Stepping Stool

Your Yorkie puppy will be pretty small when you bring it home, and it won't grow much bigger when it ages into adulthood. So if you want your pup to be able to snuggle up on the couch and bed with you and your family, it's a good idea to invest in a step stool for the dog to use throughout the day.

You can put the stool near your couch while watching television so the dog can come and go as it pleases. Or keep it near the bed so the dog can nap whether you're sleeping or not. You'll appreciate not having to pick the dog up every time it wants to hang out with you on an elevated piece of furniture.

A Portable Bed

Having a kennel to keep your new Yorkie puppy in when you aren't home is great, but the dog likely won't want to spend much time in it when people are home and active in the house. So it's a good idea to keep a portable dog bed handy that can be carried around the house so your dog can get comfortable no matter what room you happen to be spending time in. You can train the dog to stay on the bed when you tell it to, which will make the bed a designated sitting spot where the dog can watch what's going on without getting in the way.

For more information, reach out to breeders offering Yorkie puppies for sale near you.