3 Things You Should Know About The Cavachon Before Bringing One Home

Fun-loving and perfectly adorable, Cavachons are a dog mix between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a bichon. These dogs are lovable with sweet temperaments and playful demeanors, but they are also quite the cuties with their thick curly hair and smaller size. If you have found Cavachon puppies for sale and you just can't resist its sweet face, you may be ready to scoop up your pup and hurry home to make the new furry friend a part of your family. However, just as it is with any other dog breed, it is best if you get to know the Cavachon a little first. 

Cavachons do generally well with children and other pets but need their own space. 

One of the things people often misunderstand about Cavachons is that they will appreciate having their own space. Much like most spaniel breeds, the Cavachon is very sociable; it will get along well with most other pets, and will probably even do well with small children. However, it is important that your Cavachon puppy also have their own reserved space in the house that is all theirs. This could be something as simple as a doggy bed or open crate, but if your pup gets overwhelmed, it will need this safe haven for itself. 

Cavachons will need a bit of grooming attention. 

People adore the luxurious curls the coats of these dogs boast for obvious reasons. However, the hair of the Cavachon is super thick and will need to be regularly brushed to prevent matting and tangles. While Cavachons shed very little, their hair can grow pretty long, and if you are not helping them keep their silky tresses tamed, their coat can get messy pretty quickly. Many Cavachon owners do have their dog's fur trimmed by a groomer on a regular basis to keep the hair a little shorter. 

Cavachons are active dogs that need ample exercise. 

The Cavachon is a dog that loves to play and run. While usually small-to-medium in size, these dogs can be quite a lot to contend with if they only ever get to run and play indoors. They have a lot of energy to burn, so they can get into things, like to chew and play with toys, and may jump on and off of your furniture. Regular trips outoors to play in a fenced yard or routine walks will be really helpful. 

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