Going On A Lengthy Trip? 3 Tips For Taking Your Cat To A Boarding Facility

When you are planning to go on a long trip in which everyone in your household will be away from home, you will need to figure out a solution for having all of your pets watched. If you own several cats and you do not want to leave them in the house, you will need to utilize cat boarding.

Although you may know that your cats are most comfortable when at home, you may be interested in doing everything that you can to provide a positive boarding experience. Following several tips before going on your trip will help you feel confident about boarding your cats.

Try Out Calming Gel

Before you bring your cats into the facility, you should consider picking up calming gel that you can give to them. This is something that you may want to buy several days before the trip because your cats might start noticing that everyone in the house is acting a little differently. While the calming gel may not make a huge difference, it can give you peace of mind leading up to the trip.

Cover the Carrier

When you put your cats into carriers and bring them into the vehicle to take to a boarding facility, you should consider covering up the carriers. This will prevent your cats from being able to see outside, which is often something that can stress due to the unfamiliarity with everything.

While this does not mean that your cats will enjoy getting in a carrier or going on a car ride, you should feel a little better about providing a low-stress experience.

Provide Comfort

Providing your cats with comfort while they are in a boarding facility may not be the easiest thing to accomplish, but it is something that you can do by getting a bit creative. For instance, you should consider bringing things to the facility that you know your cats spend time with regularly.

If they have any blankets, stuffed animals, or toys that are covered with their scent, you should put them in the carrier and request that they be kept where they spend time during the stay. By being around their scent in the beginning, it can make your cats feel more comfortably early on.

While planning a lengthy trip, you should take the time to follow a few important tips that can help you board all your cats at a boarding facility with confidence.

For more information, you will want to contact a company such as the Cat Care Clinic.