Reliable Care For Your Dog When You Can't Be With Them

If you travel for work or going to be gone on vacation, it is important that your dog be well cared for while you're gone. There are some suggestions that you may want to consider when making arrangements for your dogs care.

Kennel Boarding 

One popular option is to leave your dog at a local kennel while you're gone. The dog will get the care they need as well as getting attention from kennel workers and owners. While your dog will still miss you, they will get food, water, shelter, and a whole lot of love while you are away.

Take some time and check out the kennel before you're ready to leave. You need to make sure that the kennel is going to be a good fit for your dog and that they're going to get along with the other dogs there. Try to arrange a visit prior to dropping the dog off so that you can be sure that the kennel is going to be a good fit for your dog and that you will be comfortable with them being there while you're not around.

Pre-boarding Checkup

Schedule a visit with your dog's vet prior to boarding them. It's important to make sure that all their vaccinations are up-to-date and that they have protection against fleas, ticks, and other parasitic insects while they are at the kennel. There are some specific concerns such as kennel cough that you need to be aware of, and your vet can tell you how best to avoid these things.

Things To Take To The Kennel

One suggestion is to take a shirt or article of clothing there has been worn by you to the kennel with your dog. The dog will be able to smell you on the clothing, and for some animals, it will make them much more comfortable. If they have a favorite blanket, pillow, or toy, make sure you send that with them to the kennel. 

Specific Nutritional Needs

If your dog has specific nutritional needs or something special in their diet, it's important to tell let the staff at the kennel know before you reserve their spot. Some kennels may not be able to customize meals for each dog so make sure you discuss any concerns like this before committing to leaving your dog at a kennel. 

Most kennels understand the need for specific diets, especially for medical reasons. If the kennel has been in business for many years, they will have experience dealing with these situations and should be able to work with you.

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